152 44th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232


The Sunset Complex spans over 56,000 square feet, making it one of the largest industrial available warehouse locations in Brooklyn. The spacious production facility is comprised of 7 warehouses interconnected with drive-in access on 2nd Avenue and 44th Street. There are three loading docks, a production stage, restrooms and green rooms. Four warehouses include columns with 18-foot high ceilings while the remaining three are column-free with 22-24 foot high ceilings. By request, each level can be divided. Natural light emphasizes the industrial aesthetic of painted white brick walls and concrete floors through skylights. Buildings surrounding the streets the Sunset Complex allows audio to be uninterrupted by the neighborhood’s traffic. It offers unique passageways and cobblestone streets for variant exterior scenes. Sunset Park is a prime location with views of Manhattan's skyline, The Statue of Liberty, Staten Island and New Jersey. Notable landmarks like Brooklyn Army Terminal, Bush Terminal Park, Greenwood Cemetery capture the essence of Brooklyn’s most diverse and understated neighborhoods. 


52,000 SF                               18-22'' Foot Ceilings                             7 Warehouses, 2 Loading docks                         800 AMP                            6X Green Rooms

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