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831 Broadway, New York, NY 10003


The de Kooning Studios offer unique and artistic contributions worthy of preservation. Once faced with demolition, the former home of Dutch Abstract Expressionist, Willem de Kooning provides a 3,500 square foot Renaissance-inspired storefront with original moldings and artwork from 1901. 14-foot high white and gold accented columns coexist with white exposed pipework, light fixtures and ceiling fans. A mezzanine overlooks the ornamental main floor. During the day, natural light beacons through large floor to ceiling windows. The open layout makes it adaptable to any setting.

There are an additional 5,000 square feet in the basement. Through the rear exit of the vast retail space is a 3,000 square foot outdoor extension. It features a ground level entrance on East 12th street, private parking and a multi-purpose open courtyard. Freight and passenger elevators are accessible on this level. High ceilings with exposed pipes and duct work throughout the alley. Enclosed by security gates, the alleyway ensures privacy needed for uninterrupted filming. 4,500 square feet of spacious rooftop access grants unrestricted views of Broadway, excellent for a city-scape backdrop.

Also to be found are multiple staircases and a single fire escape used for production shoots. On the third floor is an eclectic apartment with hand-painted 12 foot high ceilings and 1,200 feet of well-preserved hand-crafted moldings. Rounded archways, white French doors and circular windows contribute to the abstract fenestration of the apartment. The third floor includes an-all white loft serving as a blank canvas. The open interior possesses ample natural light from large windows and 12-feet high decorative white ceilings. The space features colorful inlaid flooring contrasting with black & white checkered tiles. Eccentricity and luxury are successfully integrated within the de Kooning studio.



2,500 square feet

12' ceiling

200 amp 3 phase 


1,500 square feet

12' ceiling

200 amp 3 phase

Private elevator

Gutted elevator shaft

Retail Space:

3,500 square foot interior

14' ceiling

200 amp 3 phase




3 bathrooms


Kitchen area

Private elevator


4,500 square feet

200 amp 3 phase


Retail space


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